Album Review: 100种生活 – 卢广仲

100种生活 by 卢广仲
100种生活 by 卢广仲

I can’t believe that I missed this gem of an album last year.

I only found out about this album two days back, when I decided to check it out after reading a few reports which had this album as one of the best to be released in 2008. I was considering whether to post a proper review for this album as it’s been out since 27 May last year (hence, not timely) but heck, this is so good I must say something about it.

I did hear about Crowd Lu (卢广仲) some months back but did not really pay much attention to him as I do not really like folksy kind of songs, or so I thought was his musical style, given his student-singer image.

I like what I hear even as I spin through his tracks the first time round. The whole album is very refreshing. Almost all the songs have only a guitar, bass and drums for accompaniment. Even so, there is influence of blues and jazz in the arrangments.

The lyrics may not be very polished, just everyday life kind of phrases (some of which I do not identify with, I have to admit), but they complement the music very well.

Then there’s the singing. He may not be a polished singer but he’s not a bad singer. In fact, he sings very much better than I thought. He has his own singing style, and an earnest and endearing voice.

To think that he only picked up the guitar and started writing songs about four years ago, while recovering from a car accident. This guy is really something. His producer dubbed him ‘the music genius who got run over by a car’. I cannot disagree. His music is infectious and uplifting.

I like almost all the tracks in the album but the ones that stand out for me are 100种生活, 好想要挥霍, 我爱你 and 寂寞考. Overall, this album is a 4.5 out of 5 for me.

Track Listing
01. 早安,晨之美!
02. Que te Pasa 你在干嘛?
03. 100种生活
04. PAZ
05. 好想要挥霍
06. 別杀我
07. Boring
08. 我爱你
09. 无敌铁金刚
10. 校园美女2008
11. 寂寞考
12. 破气球(When I fall in love…)


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  1. Hi there, does any body know where to get his guitar chords, i have tried ultimate guitar tab the chinese version, but it does not sound right. any body out there know the correct chord can send me

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