Hurt So Bad – 张敬轩 Guitar Tab

Hurt So Bad is a song  featured in Hins Cheung’s (张敬轩) debut movie, 拥抱每一刻火花 (Moments of Love).  Initially called 拥抱每一刻, the song was later rearranged and renamed Hurt So Bad when it was released on his sophomore Chinese album, 春.夏.秋.冬. Hins wrote both the music and lyrics for the song.

This song is not too difficult to figure out, really. Not the best of Hins’ song, but it’s not too bad.



Listen to the song:
Update, 8 September 2009: The movie version of this song was removed. So I have to replace it with the music video.
(Note: This is the part of the movie, 拥抱每一刻火花, where the song was played. It’s only half the song but I think it’s a nicer setting than the song’s music video. Check out the full album version.)


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