Concert Review: Yoga “Trick” Concert Live in Singapore 2009

“Trick”, what a treat! No fancy stage set nor costumes, just a great voice and raw passion for music on display.

That sums up 林宥嘉’s Yoga “Trick” Concert Live in Singapore 2009 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 20 February 2009.

Kudos to Yoga for standing by his conviction to sing songs that he likes. Admittedly, some of the songs he sang were far from mainstream (I had to research on the Internet to make sure that I get the song titles correct). Some in the audience might have felt unconnected during some parts of the concert due to unfamiliarity with some of the songs. Personally, I find that songs that were unfamiliar to me are quite nice actually.

The high points of the concert which got the audience going were probably when he sang his own songs, when he did his dance medley (it was nostalgic for me ;)), when S.H.E. was performing (makes one wonder whether the audience was there for Yoga or S.H.E.; I’m convinced he had held his own), and during his encores.

To me though, the highlight was his singing. No matter the musical styles, whether it’s pop, rock, rock and roll, jazz, blues or alternative, he infused his own style into the songs and he never disappointed. For someone so young, he is truly a good singer with his own style.

One can almost feel his passion for music, and that he is singing simply because he loves to sing. For that alone, the concert is more than worth its price, never mind that it was three hours long and had two encores.

Although Singapore is Yoga’s last stop for the “Trick” concert tour, we should be hearing more from him. If you’ve missed this concert, don’t miss the next one.



Songs Lineup
01. 眼色
02. 对不起谢谢
03. 躺在你的衣柜
04. 我要我们在一起
05. 残酷月光
06. 背影
07. 对你爱不完
08. Dance Medley: 青苹果乐园 + 不是每个恋曲都有美好的回忆 + 失恋阵线连盟
09. 天使的侧脸
10. 我
11. Fly Me to the Moon (Duet with Olivia Ong)
12. 如燕 (Special Guest: Olivia Ong)
13. 爱情是圆的
14. 神秘嘉宾
15. Lovefool
16. 世界
17. 夜黑风高
18. 宇宙小姐 (Special Guest: S.H.E.)
19. 我要烦恼 (Special Guest: S.H.E.)
20. 沿海公路的出口 (Special Guest: S.H.E.)
21. 612星球 (Special Guest: S.H.E.)
22. Superstar (Duet with S.H.E.)
23. 今宵多珍重
24. 魂萦旧梦
25. 叉烧包
26. Only You
27. Blue Suede Shoes
28. 病态
29.  走钢索的人
30. 我爱的人
Encore 1
31. 雨和眼泪
32. Stand By Me
33. 查无此人
34. 谢谢
Encore 2
35. Oh My Love
36. 请说
37. 慢一点
38. 开到荼糜
39. 狂人日记