Concert Review: Jason Mraz Live in Singapore

From the word ‘go’, Jason Mraz had everyone on their feet, singing, dancing, tapping and clapping along. He was charming and witty. His singing, as usual, was almost flawless, hitting the high and low notes with equal ease.

The most memorable part of the concert was probably when he sang “Mr Curiosity”, complete with the operatic music interlude of the song. At one point during the song, the whole concert hall went very quiet and that’s when one could really hear how good he sounded.

Nearing the end of the concert, he introduced his band by imitating the sounds of the individual instruments they play. Haha..amazing. The crowd went wild when he took Polaroid photos of his band members and of himself, and threw them into the audience. I just wished I was nearer to the stage.. 😉

One other interesting part of the concert was when Jason and his bassist, saxophonist, trumpeter and trombonist did synchronised movements to the song, “Butterfly”. Delightful.

It was hard to find anything I did not like about the concert. The only imperfection in an otherwise perfect concert was Joi Chua singing “Lucky” with Jason Mraz; she had some pitching problems.

At one and a half hours, the concert is a tad short but it’s only because we can’t get enough of Jason Mraz. But it’s understandably hard on him with his crazy schedule – 4 March in Malaysia, 5 March in Singapore, 6 & 7 March in Indonesia…

Jason Mraz is such a natural performer/entertainer. Looking forward to catch him live again!



Songs Lineup
01. The Dynamo of Volition
02. Geek in the Pink
03. Unfold
04. You and I Both + Sleeping to Dream
05. Who Needs Shelter
06. Live High
07. Lucky (Duet with Joi Chua)
08. Only Human
09. A Beautiful Mess
10. Make It Mine
11. I’m Yours + Three Little Birds
Music interlude by the band
12. Mr Curiosity
13. The Remedy + Wonderwall
14. No Stopping Us
15. Butterfly


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