Concert Review: Hins.Moving.Magical Concert Live in Malaysia

Hins Cheung (张敬轩) held his Hins.Moving.Magical Concert Live in Malaysia (轩.动.魔法演唱会) at the Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands, on 18 April 2009. I was privileged, and am glad that I caught this concert.

I say privileged, because Hins was faultless in his singing. No hitting the wrong notes, no straining of the voice, no missing a beat. So to someone like me who is more concerned with the singing than concert gimmicks, it was a quality show.

Only problem for me was when he spoke in Cantonese because I can’t understand the dialect. Fortunately or otherwise, that happened only half of the time because he spoke Mandarin the other half of the time.

The song list basically consisted of his own Manadarin and Cantonese songs, including a few songs from his latest Cantonese album, Love & Living ( 感情·生活). He also sang some Sandy Lam’s songs and songs by Malaysian artistes like Guang Liang (光良), Fish Leong (梁静茹) and Nicholas Teo (张栋梁) during a special love songs segment.

In another segment of the concert, he did a few fast tracks. Although Hins’ not known for his dancing and he seemed a little self-conscious with his dance moves, his stage experience showed when he struck some poses to keep the audience’s attention on him.

The audience really adored him and Hins reciprocated with bows of thanks during the concert. And one can see that he really meant it.

Even after the concert had ended after the customary encore, some in the audience were still calling for him to come back on stage. And he did come back up on stage, explained that he did not have any more songs left to sing, but still sang a few lines from his song, Blessing, anyway.

I like Hins for his sincerity, apart from the fact that he can write songs. Now that he is successful in the Hong Kong market, it’s good to know that he will be spending more time on the Taiwanese (and other Chinese-speaking countries, like Singapore, hopefully) market.



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