Six months on…

It didn’t feel that long but time flies… This blog has been up for half a year since I put up my very first post on 11 December in 2008. Just thought I’ll do a little ‘performance review’.

According to WordPress‘s statistics (as at time of writing this), I’ve

  • written 27 posts in 8 cateogories with 51 tags
  • received 26 comments (ok, this includes more than a few pingbacks that I made among some of my posts)
  • received a total of 8,236 views (advertise on this blog, anyone? ;))

That works out to 4.5 posts per month, or about a post a week. That looks decent enough but I realise that I’ve been posting less and less in recent months. Most posts were made during the first two to three months. Not that I’ve lost interest in keeping this blog. I started this in December last year, when I was clearing my leave and had lots of time to spare. In recent months though, my workload has become heavier and the result is less time to spend on things outside of work…sigh. But I’m not going to give this up, and will keep working at this.

And thanks to those who commented on my posts. It’s nice to know there are people reading my random ramblings on music. Keep them coming and I welcome any feedback, good or bad!

Wow, over 8,000 views. This is probably far less than what the popular blogs get in an hour, but this number is more than I imagined I would get.

Thanks guys, I’ll be back soon…


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