Adam Lambert or Kris Allen for American Idol?

Update, 16 May 2009:
I finally figured out how to embed American Idol videos on WordPress, so here it is, Kris Allen singing the acoustic version of “Heartbreak”.

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I think Kris Allen’s rendition of “Heartless” by Kayne West on American Idol Season 8 is really cool. I mean, wow, with just a guitar. I just keep going back to watch the video.

I don’t follow American Idol. I just happen to read an article about the top 4 contestants a few weeks back, and was curious to find out more about the guy who lost his wife just weeks before he auditioned for the competition (Danny Gokey, that’s right) , the stage actor who had people speculating about his sexuality (yup, Adam Lambert) and the guy who has been compared to Jason Mraz because he performs with his guitar (that’s Kris Allen).

Alright, I admit, “Jason Mraz” was the trigger word. So that’s how I ended up looking for videos of the American Idol performances. I have been most impressed with Adam Lambert so far, until Kris Allen’s rendition of “Heartless” blew me away this week.

The prediction is that it’s going to be a close fight between the final 2, given that only 1 million votes separated them this week. Adam Lambert’s definitely a polished and creative performer, and Kris Allen is getting better each week.

Who do you think will be the next American Idol?


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