Which “Man In The Mirror”?

“Man In The Mirror” is one of Michael Jackson’s songs that I like very much. This was also the last song I learnt at my guitar lesson. I remember hearing my instructor play it on the guitar and I really liked his version, percussive and with so much feel. Unfortunately, I can’t play it as well as he does, probably never will.

Recently, I heard a version of the song by Wang Leehom (王力宏), arranged in his chinked-out style. Leehom is a great musician but frankly, I don’t like his version.

I also found a version of “Man in The Mirror” by James Morrison. I think it sounds comfortable, and not bad at all. Could be his raspy voice.

Michael Jackson still does it best, I feel, from the song arrangement to the vocals. Can anybody top him at all? Maybe that’s why he’s the King of Pop.

What do you think?


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