Album Review: 寂寞, 好了 – 蔡旻佑

Album cover of 寂寞, 好了 by 蔡旻佑
寂寞, 好了 by 蔡旻佑

寂寞, 好了 (Loneliness) is the third album from Taiwanese singer-songwriter, 蔡旻佑 (Evan Yo), and marks his first as a full-time singer. In this album, the 22-year-old music major chose to sing compositions by others, a departure from his first two albums where he wrote all the songs. The result, is an album with a more mature sound.

There is no denying the talent of this up and coming singer-songwriter. He has shown in his first two albums that he can write very good songs. On this album, he wrote four of the songs.

This album has an eclectic selection of songs, ranging from pop, rock, R&B to punk. Almost all the songs on this album are good, but if I have to pick the better ones, I would have to say the oh-so-sweet “小乖乖”, heart-wrenching love ballad “寂寞, 好了“, rock anthem “爱是对的”, my favourite 6/8 rhythm “你看不到的天空”, sing-a-long R&B ditty “Hey !”, pop rock “我的宝贝” and the Green Day-esque punk rock number “打不倒男孩”. That’s more than half the album!

I must specially mention Evan’s vocals on this album. I think he has improved a lot in his singing. It’s like, you can feel the emotions that he sings about in his songs, such as the  sweet, blossoming love in 小乖乖, and the betrayal of love when he sings “多假 多假 多假” in 寂寞, 好了.

This is definitely an album worth getting. I give it a 4 out of 5.

Track Listing
01 – 发光的简讯
02 – 小乖乖
03 – 寂寞, 好了
04 – 爱是对的
05 – 日蚀
06 – 你看不到的天空
07 – Hey !
08 – 我的宝贝
09 – 打不倒男孩
10 – 走


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