Album Review: 感官/世界 – 林宥嘉

感官/世界 (Senses Around) is the second album from 林宥嘉 (Yoga Lin), inaugural winner of Taiwan’s One Million Star (超级星光大道) singing competition, following his critically acclaimed debut album, 神秘嘉宾 (Mystery Guest).

Album cover of 感官/世界 by 林宥嘉
感官/世界 by 林宥嘉

I must say this is a daring concept album. Most of the songs in the album are not exactly mainstream. I mean, boogie? Bossa nova? Ambient? Perhaps because of this, the album surprises as one moves from one track to the next.

This is one album that has to be listened to in its entirety, not as single tracks. I remember listening to the first two singles, 看见什么吃什么 and 说谎, before the album was released, and thinking that I don’t really like those songs. But once I got hold of the album and listened to it at one sitting, I found it’s a very good album.

It’s really about the ambience of the whole album than trying to dissect individual songs. And what set the ambience for the album are Yoga’s dreamy vocals, his interpretation of the songs and the brilliant song arrangements. Some notable song arrangements would be for songs like 飘 (trance-like mood which complements the lyrics perfectly) and 唐人街 (a song with Chinese – or should I say, Cheena – lyrics but with a modern rock arrangement, providing a fascinating contrast between music and lyrics).

While the album is best appreciated in its entirety, there are individual tracks that deserve a mention, among them, 解High人 (with its James Bond-inspired song arrangement), 看见什么吃什么 (a fun boggie track), 唐人街 (an interesting contrast between the music and lyrics), 歇斯底里 (an alternative rock tune that reminds me of the kind of song Blur might play) and 感同身受 (good old rock song).

I am curious to know whether Yoga can top this album with his next. This album gets a 5 out of 5 from me.

Track Listing
01 – Intro – 关于我
02 – 解High人
03 – 看见什么吃什么
04 – 耳朵
05 – 飘
06 – 说谎
07 – 心酸
08 – 唐人街
09 – 歇斯底里
10 – 另一个自己
11 – 感同身受


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