Album Review: 小伍,歌.故事的第一行 – 伍思凯

It’s been six years since Sky Wu’s (伍思凯) last album in 2003. He’s back with his latest and 15th studio album, 小伍,歌.故事的第一行 (The First Line Of The Story). Known for his love songs and songs on friendship, Sky does not deviate a lot from these themes in this album.

Album cover of 小伍,歌.故事的第一行 by 伍思凯
小伍,歌.故事的第一行 by 伍思凯

Having always followed Sky’s music quite closely, I’ve heard four of the songs on the album in the last two years or so. This does take away a bit of the surprise and fresh factors for me when I got hold of the album. However, I have to say that individually, the songs are all good. It’s a pity, though, that musically, the album seems to lack a consistent theme.

Look out for these songs: 故事的第一行 [great lyrics by Vincent Fang (方文山) plus great melody by Sky], 花满 (my favourite song on the album), 喝酒歌 [a duet with Chinese actor, Hu Jun (胡军)], 幸福药草 (interesting song arrangement, and great, upbeat melody) and 上海往事 (liked it the first time I heard Sky performed a snippet of it at the 46th Golden Horse Awards Ceremony, although I didn’t realise then that it would be a song on this album).

This album gets a 3.5 out of 5 from me, and it’s only because I wish it has a stronger theme to it musically.

Tracking Listing
01 – 18
02 – 故事的第一行
03 – 花满
04 – 怪……不怪
05 – 易碎品
06 – 喝酒歌
07 – 浅蓝深蓝
08 – 幸福药草
09 – 橙色九月
10 – 上海往事
11 – Better City Better Life (Bonus Track)


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