Super Junior’s fourth album comeback

Korean boyband Super Junior’s fourth album comeback performance for 미인아 (Bonamana) (romanised: Miina) was one that I was looking forward to in the past week.

Having known them from their third album’s title song, “Sorry, Sorry” and started digging their sounds (and dance), I was really anticipating the comeback single, wondering if they could top the infectious “Sorry, Sorry” which took Asia (and many other parts of the world) by storm.

The first single, “Miina”, from their fourth album, “Bonamana” was released on 10 May. When I first heard it, I was disappointed. It wasn’t groundbreaking, nor did I find myself catching on to the song despite listening to it repeatedly. When the music video was released on 12 May, I warmed up to the song more. The visuals, and dance choreography (by Nick Bass, who also choreographed “Sorry, Sorry“) perhaps made a little difference. But still, it was just segments of the dance.

So, I was really looking forward to their first ‘live’ performance, with the full dance choreography and without the heavily Auto-Tuned vocals. By which time, the song has become totally addictive for me. Ah, the power of repetition. So yes, “Miina” is now my song of the moment.

And I caught Super Junior’s first ‘live’ performance of the song at Music Bank (a music programme on Korean public broadcaster, Korean Broadcasting System, or KBS), thanks to YouTube. I won’t say it’s awesome but I think they did well, considering that it was ‘live’ (read: no Auto-Tune) and they had to dance and sing at the same time.

I’m listening to Super Junior’s fourth and latest album, “Bonamana”, now. I’m liking what I hear, and I’ll probably do a review soon. But for now, here’s my song of the moment, and I think the music video’s really cool:

Apart from the catchy tune, the lyrics are interesting too, especially the way they sound in Korean. Come to think of it, I think that’s how the song got me hooked.


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