“Across The Finish Line” – what a beautiful song!

I was at a combined rehearsal of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony three Fridays ago on 30 July. The only performance from that rehearsal that left a deep impression on me (for the right reason), I remembered, was a segment where a teenager sat at a white grand piano encased within a huge white frame of a bud in the middle of the reflective pool on stage.

The melody of the song was mesmerising and the voice singing it, accompanied by just the piano, was touching. That was my favourite part of the whole show.

I was really looking forward to catching this particular segment when I watched the ‘live’ telecast of the opening ceremony yesterday. But it turned out that only the last few tens of seconds of this segment was shown on TV. Why? Because MediaCorp chose to go for a commercial break just before this performance came on. What a shame.

As I found out today, from various sources, the song is called “Across the Finish Line”, an original song composed by Mayuni Omar and Mathilda D Silva for the opening ceremony, and sung by 17-year-old Seah Wei Wen.

It’s a really beautiful song, especially under the stage setting at the opening ceremony.

Anyone knows if the song is available anywhere?


7 Replies to ““Across The Finish Line” – what a beautiful song!”

  1. Hi, I am a performer in the next item “Playing With Fire, Pushing The Limits” of this song. I was also looking for this song so badly. My friend, also a performer, uploaded a video of the song. The quality is not that good. All the best!

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