Wang Leehom 2014 Free Show

I had the privilege to attend the Wang Leehom 2014 Free Show (王力宏2014新加坡福利秀). Held in Singapore this year, it is the third edition of an annual event where Leehom prepares a show to thank his fans.

It was a simple acoustic setup with Leehom and his band, comprising a keyboardist, guitarist, bassist and drummer. Leehom performed his older songs and songs by other artists that don’t usually get into the songlist at his concerts.

For me, it was especially emotional and nostalgic when he sang the English version of 忘了时间忘了我 (or All I Think About Is You, performed for the first time), 永远的第一天, 心跳 and 流泪手心. Reminded me of why I started listening to his music.

What a way to spend the first day of 2014. Thank you for the music, Leehom!


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