2014 CNBLUE LIVE – Can’t Stop in SINGAPORE

The lights were dimmed, the introduction video finished playing and all eyes were trained on the stage in anticipation of CNBLUE’s appearance.

To everyone’s surprise, the guys of CNBLUE appeared from the back of the stadium (it’s actually the side, but you get the idea), walked through the aisle in the centre of the mosh pit, went up the steps and through the centre extended stage before taking up their positions on the main stage.

They got the audience going as soon as they started playing. And the audience never stopped cheering for them.

It was easy to see why – they gave their all during the performance, spoke English (and pretty well, I must add) throughout, and called out to the Singapore audience at every opportunity.

Leader, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Jung Yonghwa was charismatic and displayed boundless energy, doing most of the prancing around on stage. He showed his many talents, including playing the keyboard and beat boxing. He was also funny at times. His singing was almost perfect.

Lead guitarist and vocalist Lee Jonghyun was, well, the cool guitarist. He did not speak much, was contented to stay at his position on the main stage and only moved to the side extended stages occasionally. But boy, did he rock passionately and you could see that he really enjoyed performing. And it was clear he was a crowd favourite.

I’m quite sure I did not hear wrongly that drummer Kang Minhyuk received the loudest cheers from the audience when the band was doing their introductions. I realised that his was a demanding task: he was on the drums almost non-stop and he played a mean drums. Really mean.

Probably because he was behind the drums most of the time, Minhyuk was put in charge of doing the talking in between sets, telling things like what local food they tried. Chilli crab and pepper crab by the way, if you are curious. And that was when Yonghwa cracked up the audience with his “Everybody Crab Crab Crab” in a pun to their song “Love“. I was actually hoping to hear Minhyuk sing “Teardrops In The Rain” as I had seen in a video of a previous concert, but maybe he ate too much chilli crabs.

Bassist Lee Jungshin did not speak a lot but he just had this adorableness that made the audience chuckle most of the times he spoke. He moved down the side extended stages more frequently than Jonghyun, and he was confident and would smile for the fans. He interacted the most with Yonghwa whenever they ‘met’ on stage.

It was a good concert. I would have enjoyed it more if I had known more of the songs they sang, and I was in a better state of mind. No fault of CNBLUE’s.

CNBLUE said that they would be back for more concerts. So from now till then, I resolve to familiarise myself with their songs so that I can enjoy the concert better the next time.


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