Run (奔跑) – EXO-K / EXO-M Guitar Tab

Run (奔跑) is the only song – apart from the title track – that EXO revealed at their comeback showcase for their second mini album, 중독 (romanised: Jungdok) / 上瘾 (Overdose). It’s not difficult to see why: it’s exactly the kind of pop tune that rouses audiences at concerts with its upbeat and inviting melody.

It’s not my favourite track on the album – that has to be 월광 (romanised: Wolgwang) / 月光 (Moonlight) – but it’s the only song on the album that I’ve managed to work out the chords for so far. The other songs do sound pretty challenging – or I just have to listen closer and work harder. Which song on the album should I work on next?

Here’s the Korean version by EXO-K first.



The Mandarin lyrics are written by Super Junior-M member Zhou Mi, and credit to him, they don’t read like they are a direct translation of the Korean lyrics.

Here’s the Mandarin version by EXO-M.



Check out the video of EXO’s performance of the song at their comeback showcase on 15 April 2014, sung in a combination of Mandarin and Korean.

Listen to the song:

Here’s the English translation of the Korean lyrics:


Anywhere is fine
Should we run tonight? Should we leave?
Where the sky is blue and full of stars
A place like that, a place like that

A-yo, A-yo, Run a little more
I think we’re almost there
A-yo, A-yo, Don’t be afraid
I’m right here

Run as fast as you can, don’t stop
Hold my hand and slowly open your eyes
Don’t be too shocked, U ready?

Follow me and run
From the beginning Hello Hello, E-yo
Just like this you and me run,
Don’t let go of this hand, E-yo
I want to show those two curious eyes of yours more
Right here you and me now
Let’s stop the time, E-yo
Follow me

Wild imaginations are possible
Whatever that may be, whatever that may be
Here, fairy tale fantasies become
A daily routine, a daily routine

A-yo, A-yo,
I’m falling for you again
A-yo, A-yo,
I think you are fascinating

Try pinching me
If this is a dream, I hope I don’t wake up
I don’t remember how long it’s been since I met you

I want to turn back time to the beginning
And tell you my feelings
Right here you and me now
Let’s stop the time, E-yo
Follow me

Source: pop!gasa


2 Replies to “Run (奔跑) – EXO-K / EXO-M Guitar Tab”

    1. Hi Kristiana,

      Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve been wanting to work on Overdose and the song is quite a challenge for me.

      I’ll keep working at it, though whether I end up posting it really depends on whether I get the whole song. I only post songs that I am convinced I have the chords right.

      In the meantime, I’m almost done with a few recently released tracks. Hope you’ll come back to check them out.

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