Recent new releases in Kpop worth listening to

May going into June has been a good period of time for me where keeping up with Kpop is concerned. There has been new releases from groups that I’ve been listening to – this, I realised over the weekend when these groups all performed on the same music shows.


EXO – 중독 (Overdose)

First, there was EXO (promoting separately as EXO-K and EXO-M this time around) who released their second mini album on 7 May. The title track, 중독 (romanised: Jungdok) / 上瘾 (Overdose), is really addictive with its urban sound. I loved it after listening to it a few times.

There’s a strong storyline to the lyrics, with a dynamic and expressive choreography to accompany it.


인피니트 (INFINITE) – Last Romeo

INFINITE made their comeback on 21 May with “Season 2”, their second studio album. It did take some time for the title track Last Romeo, and the album, to grow on me. What stood out for me, is that the accompaniment track for Last Romeo uses live recorded instruments rather than electronically generated instrument sounds.

The lyrics generally ties back to a central theme. As usual, their sharp and coordinated dance moves impress, and the choreography gives each member a chance to be the centre of attention.


제국의아이들 (ZE:A) – 숨소리 (Breathe)

I liked the title track, 숨소리 (romanised: Sumsori) (Breathe), within a few listens. From ZE:A‘s mini album titled “First Homme” that was released on 2 June, the song – I read somewhere – is inspired by Euro-pop with its ‘strong guitar sound and piano line’.

The lyrics though, could be better. And they need better choreography. I really loved the choreography of the last single they promoted, The Ghost of the Wind – and I’m choosing to show their practice video because it showcases the intricacy of the choreography.

I must say that the main singers of ZE:A sing very well on the title track, especially the ad-libs. The distribution of parts can be better though – Kwanghee only has half a line?!


Which of the above tracks do you like?


For now, I’m looking forward to Beast‘s 6th mini album coming up next on 16 June – and they have just released the pre-release track, 이젠 아니야 (No More). More music to listen to…



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