Song of the Moment: 끄덕여줘! (Nod along!) – M.I.B

A song that I have to listen to at least once every day recently: 끄덕여줘! (Nod along!) by M.I.B (also known as Most Incredible Busters), a Korean hip hop group.

It’s not a new song, and came out almost two years ago in fact. It’s a just a song that I discovered recently and have been listening to since.

It has a really nice hook, and what I thought an interesting theme for a hip hop song: it talks about asking a girl that has left to come back. I just find it fascinating that it’s a song about love, yet expressed in an intense way.

I love the live version of the song (it’s a little different from the music video, and there’s English subtitles):

If you want to play it on the guitar, it’s just four chords over the melody parts of the song: Bbm-Gb-Db-Ab. Or capo first fret and play Am-F-C-G.


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