Super Show 6 – Super Junior World Tour in Singapore

Having been to four Super Shows before this sixth one, I feel a sense of familiarity with Super Junior’s concerts. On the other hand, the guys never fail to throw up surprises with each Show, or even at each stop. Most notably, it’s always fun at a Super Show!

Here are six things to remember from Super Show 6 in Singapore:

Most touching moment
When Shindong’s video came on

Shindong sang ‘잊지 말아요’ in the video, which was superimposed with words that he wanted to tell the fans. It was emotional, especially when sweat and tears started rolling down his face. And I was surprised that he can sing so well. What a multi-talented guy.

Most amusing moment(s)
Whenever the guys (attempt to) banter in English

They would force one another to speak in English. When they came to a ‘keyword’, it would trigger a sing-along – like how saying ‘yesterday’ would lead to them singing the Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’. Or they would keep repeating a few phrases like ‘I don’t care. Whatever’. Or they would imitate what the translator said. Hilarious.

Most unexpected moment
When Leeteuk was doing his solo – and showed that he really can sing

People usually know him for his emceeing skills and with the 3 strong vocalists in the group, Leeteuk does not usually get a lot of parts to sing. It was not an easy song to sing – Huh Gak’s emotional ballad, ‘Hello’ – but he nailed it.

Most anticipated moment
When Super Junior-D&E sang their hit song, ‘너는 나만금 (Growing Pains)

My favourite song. I finally got to see Eunhyuk and Donghae perform it ‘live’, having been able to only watch their performances on the internet. I was really, really looking forward to this. And it was as if the music video came to life.

Most charismatic performance
Eunhyuk’s rap solo

He only had a simple backdrop and a pair of chains as props, but his movements were charismatic and his rap was powerful. What a performance!

Most memorable banter
Heechul and Eunhyuk during the last mention

Eunhyuk: “I’m full because of all the love I received from the fans.”
Heechul: “I’m hungry because l’ve given all my love to the fans.”
Eunhyuk: “… …”

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Next stop: Super Show 7.


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