Uncovered: 태일 Taeil (블락비 Block B)

I recently discovered a voice that moved me very much – that of Taeil (태일), lead singer of Korean boy group, Block B (블락비).

All thanks to the show, King of Mask Singer (복면가왕), where artistes sing behind masks, and where their voices can be heard without bias since their identities are unknown to the audience.

On an episode of King of Mask Singer, this voice came on, singing 인형 (Doll), a duet originally by Lee Jee-hoon and Shinhwa’s Shin Hye-sung.

For a singer so young, Taeil has a really emotive voice. A voice that draws one into his singing, especially when he sings ballads. The one thing that perhaps disadvantages him a little, is that his voice is not very distinctive. Otherwise, his voice is really beautiful and moving.

I wish he would receive more recognition for his singing. That, I think, is the reality of being in a Korean boy group, where the singing parts are divided up among a couple of members – and that is not accounting for the other half of the song which is made up of rap.

On the flipside, the popularity of a group can also propel individual members into the limelight. Hopefully, Block B gains more popularity, and I must say, Block B sets themselves apart from the other boy groups in Kpop with their music. Worth a listen.

Look out for more of Taeil and Block B.


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