Everything Changes – 毕书尽 & 陈势安 & 陈彦允 & 李玉玺 Guitar Tab

I came across this song, Everything Changes, when I was randomly watching music videos on YouTube. It started with a duet between Bii and Andrew Tan, which led me to this video, but I’ll leave that for another blog post.

Since I had stopped paying attention to the Mandarin music scene years ago, I don’t know much about these guys – 毕书尽 (Bii), 陈势安 (Andrew Tan), 陈彦允 (Ian Chen) and 李玉玺 (Dino Lee) – except that they are individual singers but come together for a compilation album from time to time. Everything Changes is one such collaboration track for the group project, “势在必行2”, released in 2014.

I got curious and played the video of this song only because the video thumbnail had them looking like a boy band. What I had not expected was that the whole song is in English.

Written by Amy Pearson (music) and Braddon Williams (lyrics), the song is a pop rock number. Not too bad, really. Have a listen.



Here’s the official music video:


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