Unveiled: King of Mask Singer – Music Commander

This is a post I have been priming myself to write. Only that I thought it may be another two weeks before I have to write it.

So the worst-kept secret is a secret no more. The identity of the longest-reigning King of Mask Singer – nine consecutive times over 20 weeks, or 4 months, or one-third of the year –  has finally been revealed.

It is official. Music Commander In My Neighbourhood is Ha Hyunwoo of rock band Guckkasten.

He may have lost the title but he has won the hearts of many people during his reign. It is hard to see how his record on the show may be broken by anyone ever; the show is already calling him a legend.

He may possibly be the most loved King of Mask Singer. Here’s why:

Amazing vocals
He hits the high notes effortlessly while his low notes are clear and precise. Heck, even his falsetto is good. How can we forget his beautifully haunting humming in “Spring Rain” and melodious whistling in “Very Longtime Lovers”. Simply put, his vocal range is impressive and the sounds that come out of him are amazing.

Song interpretation – emotive, creative, experimental
Vocals aside, what really won hearts is how he makes the audience “feel” the songs: the energy when he sang “Hayeoga”, the intensity when he sang “Waiting Everyday”, the sadness when he sang “One Million Roses” – just to name a few. At times, he uses different voices in a single song, “Fantastic Baby” being a case in point. He also puts a spin to the original song every time. That, is one of the reasons that keeps the audience anticipating what he is going to sing week after week.

His funny and sometimes unexpected retort to questions and comments often brings laughter to the audience and has provided worthy soundbites for almost every episode. Like how he explained he spoke a lot and without breaks in his sentences because there were few opportunities for him to talk during the 12- to 13-hour recording sessions and to avoid having his interviews edited out. Or how a panellist interpreted his choice of singing “One Million Roses” as a reflection of his readiness to give up his title, and he responded matter-of-factly that that is not the case and he was just expressing a range of different feelings with different song choices.

One can feel that he is expressing his sincere feelings when he gives his thanks after every win. He gives encouragement to challengers to his title, and acknowledges good singers who give him a run for his money. He got emotional when he won over Ulala Session’s Kim Myunghoon as he probably thought that he did not perform as well as he wanted. From then on, he was just focused on giving his best performances to the audience and was indifferent towards defending his title.

In a nutshell, Music Commander’s amazing vocals and likeable personality are what have kept him on the show longer than any other.

Here’s him being dorky and serious:

Lastly, some final words from Music Commander:

I was happy to be able to see all of you every week,
and it was an honour to be able to sing in front of everyone.
I love you, thank you!!
– Music Commander –

Thank you for the music, Music Commander.

And thanks to you, I got to know Ha Hyunwoo and Guckkasten.


11 Replies to “Unveiled: King of Mask Singer – Music Commander”

  1. Yep, everything written here was SPOT ON! Exactly why Music Commander is so lovable. I love to search up videos of him just talking with his fans. I can’t understand most of what he said, but for some reason I’d still watch it.

    1. Thank you, Camellia! I’m seeing a lot of love for Music Commander judging from the number of views for this post. 🙂

      I’ve also come across videos of Ha Hyunwoo talking to his fans in between songs and judging from the fans’ responses, he really charms them.

  2. hi, do you have the guitar tab and lyrics for his last performance, long time lovers? i love that song because of Music Commander. i also love his version of invitation of daily life and i’m so thankful when you post the lyrics!! it’s so hard to find the lyrics because only koreans know those songs

    1. Hi twinkcq,

      I don’t have the guitar tab and lyrics for the song (yet), but I will put this on my list of songs to work on. 🙂

      I absolutely love “An Invitation To Daily Life”. That’s the song that really got me into Music Commander.

      I’ll have some posts on Guckkasten/Ha Hyunwoo coming up, so do check back!

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