The Day We Find Love – 911 Guitar Tab

You know how if you are logged into YouTube, the homepage will display “Watch It Again”, “Recommended” and such, videos. The Day We Found Love by 911 kept popping up recently on my YouTube homepage.

One thing led to another, and here I am, with this throwback post.

I used to have a much eclectic taste in music when I had more time to listen to radio, and would go for anything from rock, alternative indie, pop to electronic. I remember a proliferation of boybands in the 1990s, following the immense popularity of New Kids On The Block in the US and Take That in the UK. Hence, I listened to quite a lot of boybands too back then, and 911 was one of those.

Among 911’s songs, The Day We Find Love is probably the song I remember best. I wanted to play the song on the guitar and searched for the tab online. Seeing that it has almost been 20 years since the song was released, I was quite surprised when I was not able to find a proper one. Well, there are tabs but they are in Guitar Pro format and I don’t have the software.

I figured I’ll figure it out myself, so here it:





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