Musical PHANTOM – Daegu, starring Park Hyo Shin

If there’s no opportunity to catch Park Hyo Shin in concert, the next best thing would probably be to attend his musical. Even then, there’s no guarantee of getting tickets on days when he’s in the cast.

I had wanted to catch Musical PHANTOM in Seoul, but the tickets for days when Park Hyo Shin was performing were sold out. Turned out, the musical later toured other cities and I went for the Daegu stop.

The musical was entirely in Korean and there were no subtitles. I barely understood the dialogues and songs. However, the production and cast was really good, so it was not too difficult to follow the plot.

The highlight was being able to listen to Park Hyo Shin sing live, although it was in his capacity as a musical actor rather than a singer. I did, for a moment during the first act he appeared in, wondered if it was really Park Hyo Shin as Phantom because he sounded different from how he sings in his albums. It just shows the versatility of his vocals.

Park Hyo Shin did not disappoint, vocals- or acting-wise. At the end of the performance, the cast appeared on stage one by one. It was clear for whom the loudest cheers were reserved for.

Towards the very end, Phantom appeared on stage one last time and was removing his mask. At the precise moment when Phantom would have revealed his face for the first time (Phantom remained masked throughout the performance), the lights went off and the whole stage went dark. What a tease!

So, the audience never got to see Park Hyo Shin’s face at all. Nevertheless, it was a privilege to have been able to hear Park Hyo Shin sing in person.


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