Music that Americans love

Came across this intriguing article that maps the relative popularity of 50 artistes across the different states in the United States, based on YouTube’s geocoded streaming data.

With the data overlaid onto the maps, it tells which music genres are relatively more popular in the respective US states, and also provides an inference about the demographics of the fan base of the artistes. It also shows the overlap in some of the artistes’ fan bases, and also possibly the political affiliation of the fans.
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演员 – 薛之谦 Guitar Tab

I came across 薛之谦’s song, 演员, by chance on YouTube.

I first came to know about 薛之谦 on some Chinese variety shows. He was quite funny (is that why he decided to call himself Joker Xue?) and I was surprised to find out later that he is actually a singer. I was just that little more impressed to find out that he composed and wrote the lyrics for this song.

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一颗心交给谁 – 伍思凯 Guitar Tab

Attending 伍思凯’s concert two weeks ago brought back a lot of memories, for I used to listen to a lot of his songs. After all these years, his songs still resonate with me.

I realised that I’ve not put out a lot of guitar tabs for his songs here on this blog. So here’s 一颗心交给谁 from his fifth album, “爱的过火”.

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重逢15伍思凯“最爱是你”演唱会 Sky Wu's 2017 concert in Singapore

The last time Sky Wu held a solo concert in Singapore was in 2012. After five years, he was back in Singapore for a one-night only concert, “重逢15伍思凯“最爱是你”演唱会”, on 29 July 2017.

With Sky Wu, you know the music and singing were going to be awesome. He delivered that, and much more.

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Marry Me – 마크툽 (feat. 구윤회) Maktub (feat. Gu Yoon Heo) Guitar Tab

Album cover of Maktub Project Vol.3 (Marry Me)

I have no idea who 마크툽 (Maktub) and 구윤회 (Gu Yoon Heo) are – and I’m sure most Koreans don’t know who they are too – but this song, “Marry Me”, has become really popular in Korea recently.

Just one evening in Hongdae and you will be sure to come across buskers who have this song in their repertoire. That was how I came to know about this song.

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