Round-up 2017: Year in Music

In a continuation from last year, I thought I’d do a personal reflection of music and blogging about music in 2017 for my last post of the year.

There had been some exciting music adventures, and also some periods during the year when things were quiet on the music front in my life.

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나침반 Compass – 국카스텐 Guckkasten Guitar Tab

Stranger by 국카스텐 (Guckkasten)

I was inspired to work on the guitar tab for this song, 나침반 (romanised: Namchimban; translated: Compass), when I watched Guckkasten’s ONSTAGE performance.

This song is one of the tracks on Guckkasten’s latest EP, Stranger. But did you know that 나침반 was not originally a Guckkasten song?
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악몽 Nightmare – B1A4 Guitar Tab

Album cover for 3rd Album [Good Timing] by B1A4

I’ve been shuffling through my entire playlist and 악몽 (romanised: Angmong; translated: Nightmare) by B1A4 came up a couple of times, so I made a mental note to do a blog post on it.

This song, found in B1A4’s 3rd album “Good Timing”, is not your run-of-the-mill pop or K-pop song. It caught my attention because of its reggae sound – something I don’t hear a lot of, if any, from Korean boy groups.

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이방인 Stranger – 국카스텐 Guckkasten Guitar Tab

Stranger by 국카스텐 (Guckkasten)

Stranger, or 이방인 (romanised: Ibang-in), is the title track from Guckkasten’s second EP of the same title. It was released on 15 November. That was not the first time the song was heard in public though; back in July 2017, Guckkasten performed the song for the first time at their Squall concerts in Seoul.

I was again reminded of this song recently when I saw a clip of their performance on Onstage Plus – as usual, a tight performance from Guckkasten (complemented with a beautiful stage setup).

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Coming Soon: Super Show 7 in Singapore

Super Junior World Tour "Super Show 7" in Singapore (27 January 2018)
Super Junior World Tour "Super Show 7" in Singapore (27 January 2018)
Super Junior World Tour “Super Show 7” in Singapore (27 January 2018)

Update, 14 December 2017: Tickets for the Super Junior World Tour “Super Show 7” in Singapore go on sale Saturday, 16 December 2017 at 10am across all Sports Hub Tix channels.

Tickets are at $288, $268, $238, $188, and $168 (excludes $4 booking fee for each ticket).

Here is the seating plan:

Also, check out the FAQs for the concert.


Save the date.

Super Junior will be holding their Super Show 7 concert in Singapore on 27 January 2018 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Singapore will be their first overseas stop after their concerts in Seoul on 15 to 17 December.

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