Manuscript of Singalongsong (方大同)

Album cover of 橙月 - 情人限定版CD+DVD by 方大同
橙月 - 情人限定版CD+DVD by 方大同
橙月 – 情人限定版CD+DVD by 方大同

I got myself 方大同’s (Khalil Fong) re-packaged album, 橙月 Orange Moon 情人限定版 today. A big draw for my getting this version of the album was the manuscript of ‘Singalongsong’ by Khalil. I wanted to see how much of the chords I figured out for this song was right.

After some comparison, I reckon I got only about 60% of the chords correct. I’ve got to work harder.

So here are the correct chords for ‘Singalongsong’:

Manuscript of Singalongsong by 方大同 (Khalil Fong)
Manuscript of Singalongsong by 方大同 (Khalil Fong)

生日快乐 – 伍思凯 Guitar Tab

生日快乐 by 伍思凯 (Sky Wu) was first released in 1989 on the compilation album featuring various artistes, 我们II – 生日快乐. He later rearranged it into a dance track for his 1996 album, 心动了. The music is written by Sky and the lyrics by 陈桂珠.

The song can also be found in Sky’s other albums, 我真的很不错精选集 (1993) and 分享伍思凯 SHARING with SKY (2000).

I remember somebody asking me for the tab of this song some years back but I never got around to posting it. So here it is. Would be a good alternative to the usual “Happy Birthday” song.



Listen to the song:
(Note: This is the 1996 version of the song.)

Concert Review: Jason Mraz Live in Singapore

From the word ‘go’, Jason Mraz had everyone on their feet, singing, dancing, tapping and clapping along. He was charming and witty. His singing, as usual, was almost flawless, hitting the high and low notes with equal ease.

The most memorable part of the concert was probably when he sang “Mr Curiosity”, complete with the operatic music interlude of the song. At one point during the song, the whole concert hall went very quiet and that’s when one could really hear how good he sounded.

Nearing the end of the concert, he introduced his band by imitating the sounds of the individual instruments they play. Haha..amazing. The crowd went wild when he took Polaroid photos of his band members and of himself, and threw them into the audience. I just wished I was nearer to the stage.. 😉

One other interesting part of the concert was when Jason and his bassist, saxophonist, trumpeter and trombonist did synchronised movements to the song, “Butterfly”. Delightful.

It was hard to find anything I did not like about the concert. The only imperfection in an otherwise perfect concert was Joi Chua singing “Lucky” with Jason Mraz; she had some pitching problems.

At one and a half hours, the concert is a tad short but it’s only because we can’t get enough of Jason Mraz. But it’s understandably hard on him with his crazy schedule – 4 March in Malaysia, 5 March in Singapore, 6 & 7 March in Indonesia…

Jason Mraz is such a natural performer/entertainer. Looking forward to catch him live again!

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Oasis Live in Singapore

OASIS Live in Singapore
OASIS Live in Singapore

Oasis will be playing in Singapore in support of their latest album, “Dig Out Your Soul”. The concert is slated for 5 April 2009, 8pm, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Tickets are now on sale.

This should be a worthwhile concert to go to. Oasis is one of the biggest bands from the UK and they’ve got some good songs like Don’t Look Back in Anger, Wonderwall, Whatever and Live Forever. I’ve not listened to them much in recent years, so what I remember of them and their songs are from many years back.

The fierce rivalry between Oasis and Blur was a major talking point in the 1990s. If you ask me, I prefer Blur to Oasis any time. Are you for Oasis or Blur?

More Photos from Yoga “Trick” Concert Live in Singapore 2009

By request, here are more photos from 林宥嘉’s Yoga “Trick” Concert Live in Singapore 2009 (see concert review).

Watching clips of the concert on YouTube brings back good vibe and nice memories of the concert. Shows why Yoga is an up-and-coming singer to look out for. See and decide for yourself.