Guckkasten at “Trigger the Fever FIFA U-21 World Cup Street Support Concert”


I’ve finally experienced this myself. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it was an out of this world experience listening to Guckkasten’s front man, Ha Hyunwoo, sing live.

Team Guckkasten doing their soundcheck for their performance at the

Team Guckkasten doing their soundcheck for their performance at the “Trigger the Fever FIFA U-21 World Cup Street Support Concert” at Gwanghwamun. (Seoul, South Korea, 23 May 2017)

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2017 Guckkasten [HELLO] Concert

The reason I’ve not updated this blog for a while is partly because I don’t have my guitar with me – I am and will be in South Korea for a short while.

Although I’m here in South Korea, I was not expecting to attend a Guckkasten concert since I thought they will probably start doing more gigs only during summer when the rock festivals kick in.

When I arrived a few weeks back, I found out that they will be holding a concert next weekend on 19 March in Seoul. I was too late. The concert is sold out.

Guckkasten Hello Concert (2017)It will make my day if I can be at the concert. If anyone has a ticket to let go, please contact me.

설레이는 소년처럼 Shy Boy – 하현우 Ha Hyunwoo (국카스텐 Guckkasten) Guitar Tab

Starting 2017 with a post on an artiste with rising popularity in 2016 – Ha Hyunwoo of Guckkasten and his track for the OST of Korean drama, “The Legend of the Blue Sea”.

I had to do a double take when I first heard the teaser of the song, for I wasn’t sure if it was Ha Hyunwoo. Those soft vocals didn’t quite sound like him.

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사 이 Between – A Earman Vamp (Feat. 하현우 Ha Hyunwoo) Guitar Tab

A Earman Vamp – who? I can imagine how most people would be baffled when they see the name of this artiste.

He calls himself AEV the Piano Man (or simply 에이브 in Korean). I never knew until I found out from my research for this post that AEV actually stands for ‘A Earman Vamp’. A Korean pop pianist and composer, I came to know him through his association with Korean indie band Guckkasten – he’s a member of Team Guckkasten, a group of staff and musicians who go on tour with the band.

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Mandrake – 국카스텐 Guckkasten Guitar Tab

One thing that crossed my mind when I first saw the title of this song: “Did the inspiration for this song come from the mandrakes that I read about in the Harry Potter books?”

I don’t know for sure but Mandrake has become one of my favourite Guckkasten songs.

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