Musical PHANTOM – Daegu, starring Park Hyo Shin

Banner of Musical PHANTOM outside Kemyung Art Center.

If there’s no opportunity to catch Park Hyo Shin in concert, the next best thing would probably be to attend his musical. Even then, there’s no guarantee of getting tickets on days when he’s in the cast.

I had wanted to catch Musical PHANTOM in Seoul, but the tickets for days when Park Hyo Shin was performing were sold out. Turned out, the musical later toured other cities and I went for the Daegu stop.

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꿈 Dream – 박효신 Park Hyo Shin Guitar Tab

I Am a Dreamer by 박효신 (Park Hyo Shin)

This is not the first Park Hyo Shin song that I’ve been figuring out the guitar tab for, although it’s now the first that I’ve posted.

Back in June this year, I began working on the very first of Park Hyo Shin’s songs. I’ve been stuck at one part of the song. While I keep trying to find that eureka moment, the spotlight’s on 꿈 (or, Dream) for now.

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Album Review: I Am a Dreamer – 박효신 Park Hyo Shin

I Am a Dreamer by 박효신 (Park Hyo Shin)

I have seen his name bandied around before but did not check Park Hyo Shin out until middle of this year. My initiation to Park Hyo Shin then? His wildly popular song from 2014, Wild Flower.

Fast forward to last week. His song, Wild Flower, was performed by yet another singer on “King of Mask Singer”. That reminded me of his recent single, 숨 (or ‘Breath’), which then led me to his latest album, “I Am a Dreamer”.

I Am a Dreamer by 박효신 (Park Hyo Shin)
Album cover of I Am a Dreamer by 박효신 (Park Hyo Shin)

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