I ramble about music in general on this blog. My ramblings may cover album reviews, thoughts about certain artistes and their music, concert reviews and guitar tabs.

I mostly share my thoughts about artistes and music that I care about, because I think they deserve to be known by more people. I pay more attention to artistes and bands that write their own materials because I have a soft spot for musically talented people.

Most of the stuff I write about tend towards mainstream since I seldom have time to listen to much music nowadays. However, I also welcome indie stuff if I come across good ones.

Since I’m a student of guitar, you will also find guitar tabs and resources. I started figuring out songs when I could not find the tabs for songs that I like. Usually, they are songs that are not released as singles and not many people may know about. Where this blog is concerned, you will find guitar tabs that I figure out myself (and most likely for songs which are not released as singles) since the tabs for most popular songs can be found on other websites.

There is still a lot for me to learn and explore where music is concerned. I am just sharing my thoughts as someone who loves music. I welcome fellow music lovers to join in the conversations.

Have a comment or question? Feel free to drop me a message.


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