Guckkasten at “Trigger the Fever FIFA U-21 World Cup Street Support Concert”


I’ve finally experienced this myself. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it was an out of this world experience listening to Guckkasten’s front man, Ha Hyunwoo, sing live.

Team Guckkasten doing their soundcheck for their performance at the

Team Guckkasten doing their soundcheck for their performance at the “Trigger the Fever FIFA U-21 World Cup Street Support Concert” at Gwanghwamun. (Seoul, South Korea, 23 May 2017)

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Musical PHANTOM – Daegu, starring Park Hyo Shin

If there’s no opportunity to catch Park Hyo Shin in concert, the next best thing would probably be to attend his musical. Even then, there’s no guarantee of getting tickets on days when he’s in the cast.

I had wanted to catch Musical PHANTOM in Seoul, but the tickets for days when Park Hyo Shin was performing were sold out. Turned out, the musical later toured other cities and I went for the Daegu stop.

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2017 Guckkasten [HELLO] Concert

The reason I’ve not updated this blog for a while is partly because I don’t have my guitar with me – I am and will be in South Korea for a short while.

Although I’m here in South Korea, I was not expecting to attend a Guckkasten concert since I thought they will probably start doing more gigs only during summer when the rock festivals kick in.

When I arrived a few weeks back, I found out that they will be holding a concert next weekend on 19 March in Seoul. I was too late. The concert is sold out.

Guckkasten Hello Concert (2017)It will make my day if I can be at the concert. If anyone has a ticket to let go, please contact me.

복면가왕 King of Mask Singer: 우리 동네 음악대장 Music Commander In My Neighbourhood

I’m falling for the man – I mean, voice – behind this mask.


Every fortnight for the past three months, I’ve been looking forward to the Korean music programme, King of Mask Singer, just to catch his performance. Behind the cute mask and the “Music Commander In My Neighbourhood” (or “Music Commander” for short) moniker, lies a singer with an amazing voice.

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일과 이분의 일 One and Half – 박보검 Park Bogum & 아이린 Irene Guitar Tab

I came across this cover of 일과 이분의 일 (romanised: Ilgwa ibunui il), originally by 투투 (Two Two) as I found out later, quite by accident. This is an abridged version of the original song covered by actor Park Bogum (last seen in Korean drama, “I Remember You”) and Red Velvet’s Irene.

They performed the song on an episode of KBS’ weekly music chart show, Music Bank, where they are both emcees.

I like their performance of the song, making it seem like a musical. Sweet yet not overly cute. I decided to have a little fun and figured out the guitar chords for the song.

Have a listen.

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