Toy – 블락비 Block B Guitar Tab

Blooming Period by 블락비(Block B)

Block B does not disappoint with the title track, Toy, from their 5th mini album, “Blooming Period”, released on 11 April 2016.

Just when you are expecting something lively or boisterous from Block B, the song opens with the nonchalant singing of Zico on top of a steady rhythmic bass line as if to throw you off, yet at the same time, drawing you deeper into the song to uncover how it will unfold.

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빛이 되어줘 Be The Light – 블락비 Block B Guitar Tab

I’ve been listening a lot to Block B recently because of their main vocalist, Taeil.

Their music leans towards hip hop, which sets them apart from other boy groups in Kpop. Their recent releases are really good and see them take on various genres, from the heavy Very Good to the cheeky Jackpot (check out this interesting piece deconstructing the song) to the playful HER.

One song which I think would have more mainstream appeal and which I really like, is 빛이 되어줘 (Be The Light, or romanised: Bichi Dwe-oejwo), a dance pop tune.

I especially like the raw voice of Zico, Block B’s leader, in the first verse and the rap just before the bridge.

Hopefully, more people will discover the talents of Block B, especially the genius of their frontman and producer, Zico.



Listen to the song:

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Song of the Moment: 끄덕여줘! (Nod along!) – M.I.B

A song that I have to listen to at least once every day recently: 끄덕여줘! (Nod along!) by M.I.B (also known as Most Incredible Busters), a Korean hip hop group.

It’s not a new song, and came out almost two years ago in fact. It’s a just a song that I discovered recently and have been listening to since.

It has a really nice hook, and what I thought an interesting theme for a hip hop song: it talks about asking a girl that has left to come back. I just find it fascinating that it’s a song about love, yet expressed in an intense way.

I love the live version of the song (it’s a little different from the music video, and there’s English subtitles):

If you want to play it on the guitar, it’s just four chords over the melody parts of the song: Bbm-Gb-Db-Ab. Or capo first fret and play Am-F-C-G.

12월의 기적 Miracles in December / 十二月的奇迹 – EXO Guitar Tab

Miracles in December by EXO

This would have been a post for the last day of 2013, but it was quite a challenge to figure out some parts of the song. So here it is, the first post of 2014: 12월의 기적 (romanised: Shibiwol-ui Gijeok; translated: Miracles in December), or 十二月的奇迹 (Chinese version), from the second EP and special winter album of Korean group EXO.

In a departure from the usual Kpop dance song, EXO returned with a ballad by the main vocalists in the group, presenting the song as EXO rather than their sub-groups of EXO-K and EXO-M.

Beautiful melody and lyrics. Interesting song structure too – I didn’t know how to classify this one part of the song (sung after the second chorus but was not in the first chorus) after identifying the verses, chorus and bridge, but I figured it could be considered an extension of the chorus.

I really wanted to be as accurate as possible with the chords, and spent a lot of time listening to the song. I should have got about 95%, if not 100%, of the song. Let me know if there is any part that needs correction. Update, 4 January 2014: I corrected two chords in the chorus part of the song after listening to it for the 408th (erm, maybe fewer) times.

[Intermission] Before I end this post: Have a great 2014, everyone! And thanks for stopping by my blog.

First up, the Korean version sung by EXO-K’s Baekhyun and DO, and EXO-M’s Chen.



Listen to the song:

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Lucky – EXO-K / EXO-M Guitar Tab

Just a simple pop song. But pretty addictive. That’s what pop songs are supposed to be anyway, isn’t it? Lucky, by Korean group EXO. Well, EXO-K and EXO-M to be exact.

Simple chords, uncomplicated melody, and lyrics that people in love can relate to.

If you don’t know the concept of EXO, they are a group made up of 12 members divided into 2 sub-groups – EXO-K and EXO-M, performing songs in Korean and Mandarin respectively. So there are Korean and Mandarin versions for all of their songs, and I decided to do up the guitar tab for both versions of this song.

Lucky is one of the songs in EXO’s first full length album, “XOXO” (Repackaged version). There are some pretty good songs inside, like “Growl“, “Heart Attack” and “Baby”.

First up, the Korean version.



Listen to the song (Korean version):

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