SHINHWA 15th Anniversary Concert: The Legend Continues

The Legend Continues. And Shinhwa showed just why at their 15th anniversary concert in Korea.

(Yes, I managed to get a ticket to the second night of the concert on 17 March 2013.)

From the technical set-up to the music to the performance, the concert was very well-produced.

The lighting, laser and visual effects all complemented the performances very well. A lot of thought, as I see it, went into the stage design: while providing surprises for the members’ entrances, it also allowed Shinhwa to get nearer to the fans, including those sitting in the upper levels.

Accompanied by a ‘live’ band, Shinhwa were almost perfect in their performances with their strong vocals.

What made the concert enjoyable was also the easy banter among the Shinhwa members. Although I could not understand most of their conversations in Korean,the fans’ reactions said it all. At times, it was like watching Shinhwa Broadcast ‘live’, with the personalities of individual members shining through. They were also obliging to fans’ requests for cute acts and spontaneous dances.

Simply, it was a great concert, and ranks as one of the best I’ve attended.

Definitely go if the concert goes to your country. Hong Kong, you are in.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a Singapore date to be announced.


Opening Video
01. Only One
02. Your Man
Mention 1
03. 천일유혼 (Sharing Forever)
04. Hey, Come On
Video 1
05. Free
06. You’re My Everything
07. 기도
Mention 2
08. How Do I Say?
09. Be My Love
10. Stay
11. 으쌰! 으쌰! (Eusha! Eusha!)
Video 2
12. T.O.P.
13. Perfect Man
14. Shooting Star
Mention 3
15. Angel
16. Hurts
17. 해결사 (Resolver)
18. On The Road
Video 3
19. Venus
20. Brand New
Mention 4
21. Once In A Lifetime
22. First Love
23. I Pray 4 You
24. RUN
25. Yo!


If you are still reading up to this point, here’s something for you. No photography during the concert, but…here’s a few anyway.


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